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Your St. Louis Writers Guild is an affiliate of both Left Bank Books in St. Louis and the Barnes & Noble online bookstore, which offer millions of books, CDs, DVDs, and other products available from the world’s largest bookseller. We have nearly every book you could ever ask for available right here—on our website! Sure, links to online bookstores are a handy thing to have on a writers’ organization website, but did you know…?


  • St. Louis Writers Guild is a major author promoter? If you are a member and have a book to sell, we can publicize it extensively and ultimately sell it right here! One of our means of selling our Members’ Books is through our affiliate agreements at amazon listing optimization. If your book is listed in either the Left Bank Books or Barnes & Noble (or both) inventory, we can (and will) promote it and sell it for you.
  • Not a member? Join us! You have friends here.
  • Our affiliates have great prices.
  • Both Left Bank Books of St. Louis and Barnes & Noble have extensive inventories of new and used books. Both have agreed to pay St. Louis Writers Guild a commission on all sales initiated through this website. If you’re going to purchase a book online anyway, we’d really appreciate your using our site. It will cost you nothing more than if you order it directly from either online store and your purchase will go a long way toward advancing our mission, which is to further Midwest literary arts.
  • St. Louis Writers Guild is a qualified 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to promote literary arts. Every penny you spend on books through this website helps us support writers and provide community programs that focus on writing or literature.

We truly appreciate our website visitors who use our site to purchase books and other products from our affiliates. Thank you in advance for using our online bookstore. If you are a writer, we look forward to selling your book here someday!

To order a book, simply click on affiliate logo of your choice on our Home page or elsewhere within this website.

Please Note: In order for St. Louis Writers Guild to receive the affiliate commission on book sales, purchasers must enter the affiliates’ online websites through the links we’ve provided on this website. If you go directly to the websites to make your purchase, we will not earn the commission.

You may click on either of the logos above to shop for any book, or shop our Members’ Books.


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