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St. Louis Writers Guild, or SLWG, as we are affectionately nicknamed, is a state and federally qualified non-profit organization bringing together writers of all ages, genres, and experience levels. We welcome beginners, professionals, and everyone in between, to join us. Please review our Membership page to learn all about the benefits of affiliation with the oldest active writers’ organization in the St. Louis metropolitan area, and the second oldest in the state of Missouri.

One of the best things about the Guild is its rich literary heritage. We began in 1920 and our original founders, Sam Hellman, Shirley Seifert, Jay Gelzer, William Brennan, Leonora McPheeters, and Ralph Mooney, were all highly accomplished authors who have contributed greatly to the rich heritage of Midwest authors. They inspire us to this day. Please take a moment to review our History and learn all about the six founders of the St. Louis Writers Guild. We think you will want to be part of their enduring legacy.

The St. Louis Writers Guild mission is to further Missouri’s literary heritage and connect, support, and promote writers and literary organizations in our community. Our programs have been carefully selected to offer value to both aspiring and established writers of a wide variety of interests.

Members are invited to join in the planning and execution of Guild initiatives to ensure that it continues to offer value to writers in the organization and the community at large. Committees spearhead new undertakings and oversee ongoing operations. There is a place for any interested writer in the leadership of St. Louis Writers Guild.

St. Louis Writers Guild is a fully independent writers’ organization with its own By Laws and an open membership policy; however it maintains chapter status with the Missouri Writers Guild, an organization of receptfria sömntabletter that limits individual memberships to authors who have been paid by publishers on a “substantive royalty or fee basis.” St. Louis Writers Guild does not have this requirement for membership.

Our membership roster includes writers of all genres and experience levels, including many who have been published by royalty and fee-paying publishers, many who are self-published, many who are still seeking first publication under one or both of these options, and some who do not seek publication at all, but who merely enjoy writing and the company of writers.

St. Louis Writers Guild welcomes them all to join us, but does encourage active writers to publish in order to make their writing as accessible as possible to the public, to gain recognition, which is a reward for such hard work, and also to help further our regional literary heritage. Accordingly, many of our programs and member benefits are designed to assist writers in publishing.

Through our affiliation with the Missouri Writers Guild, we are able to provide our members and the public with statewide news and events of interest to writers.

We are also eligible for various kinds of support MWG makes available to its chapters, which have included the ability to pass along a discount to our members on the annual MWG writers’ conference, eligibility to apply for a chapter grant to help defray program costs, access to speakers for programs, and the privilege of disseminating information regarding the Guild’s activities and other local local literary events statewide, through our sister chapters and on the MWG website.

These benefits offer value to the St. Louis Writers Guild by helping us serve our members and others who use our website or contact us for information.


If you are a writer, we invite you to join us. You have friends here.

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